• Astrophotography; Karoo Stars; stargazing; Sutherland stars; Rogge Cloof Photographic Workshop

    Kim Stevens: "Pumping Wind & Stars" August / Nov 2018 Craig Fouché Astrophotography Workshop Winning Photograph!

  • Astrophotography; Sutherland Stargazing; Karoo Stars; Rogge Cloof Astrophotography Workshop

    Dominique Cook: Zodiacal light @ Rogge Cloof August / Nov 2018 Craig Fouché Astrophotography Workshop Runner-up Photograph!

  • Astrophotography; Sutherland; stars; Rogge Cloof
    NEXT WORKSHOP: 05 - 07 JULY 2019

Photography Workshop

Craig Fouché Photography will be presenting another workshop at Rogge Cloof Private Sutherland Estate from 05 - 07 July 2019. The workshop will focus on astrophotography.

This is a special time in Sutherland, with winter bringing extra crisp and clear skies and certainly also the possibility of snow and the certainty of very low temperatures!

Come and learn Milky Way and night sky photography while exploring South Africa’s finest and darkest skies near Sutherland – South Africa’s premier night photography destination.

For more information, or to book your place on Craig's Workshop, click the BOOK NOW button.

Professional Photography Guidance

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime as Craig Fouche teaches you everything he knows about astrophotography, landscape and wildlife photography on the expansive Karoo plains.

  • Take home breathtaking and amazing images of the Milky Way and Karoo landscapes that you can be proud to print and frame.
  • Learn to shoot star trails under crispy, cold and clear skies.
  • Capture the magic of the Karoo landscapes.
  • Immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful places of the Karoo and explore all that Rogge Cloof has to offer from extinct volcanos to fossil trails, creaking windmills and wildlife.
  • Learn how to capture these images on both digital and film mediums.
  • Let Craig show you his workflow as you edit your images. 
  • Get ready for three days and two nights of amazing photography! Sutherland has something different and unique to offer every visitor for each season of the year.