A virus affecting the global population…threatening both life and livelihood: the stuff that dramatic thriller movie scripts are made of…. right? No, unfortunately a much too real reality for us all!

There is an unprecedented National Disaster situation in South Africa and with it comes regulations directing and curbing the actions and movements of people. The result for many is an increasing level of personal and work stress and concern…not knowing whether to stay put, or to run for the hills!

Here at Rogge Cloof, we want nothing more than to just continue with our business of welcoming and spoiling guests and facilitating their memorable experience of the Great Karoo. However, we must acknowledge the severity of this threat, not only to our guests, but to our staff and their families.

We would like to reassure our guests that Rogge Cloof is taking every necessary precaution to make sure that you may have a relaxed and safe breakaway in the pure and expansive space offered by Rogge Cloof Private Nature Reserve.

Rogge Cloof Cleaning & Hygiene Protocol

  • Rogge Cloof staff have been briefed by Provincial Health Services and Rogge Cloof Management and briefing sessions are maintained to ensure vigilance.
  • When operational, all staff are screened daily for any visible symptoms associated with the virus and no staff member reporting any such symptoms is allowed to be at work.
  • A COVID-19 screening questionnaire will be send to guests prior to arrival.
  • Sanitization of surfaces and hands remain a priority.
  • Guests and staff are required to refrain from physical contact such as shaking hands and to regularly and continuously wash hands, refrain from touching their faces and to maintain safe social distancing at all times.
  • Group activities, such as Game Drives, are cancelled until further notice, but guests are encouraged to do self-drives (SUV’s) and to walk or cycle in the safety offered by the Reserve.
  • Rogge Cloof Fat Bikes, available to guests free of charge, will be sanitized daily and every time before being used.
  • Breakfast & Dinner serving will be made available at the accommodation units, rather than in the Rittersaal Dining Hall.
  • Accommodation unit allocation to guests will allow for maximum social distancing and privacy, as well as for periods of deep-cleaning and sanitation in-between guest bookings.
  • Guests will have the option to decline daily housekeeping if preferred for further peace of mind regarding contact with others.
  • All surface areas, equipment and goods at Rogge Cloof are sanitized regularly and consistently and where necessary, additional access restrictions will apply to limit staff movement in areas such as the kitchen, storeroom and office areas.

Rogge Cloof Cancellation Policy

In the light of the extraordinary circumstances and in line with Tourism practices both nationally and internationally to encourage guests to continue supporting the hospitality industry, Rogge Cloof has introduced the option (until further notice), of amending booking dates rather than cancelling, should guests decide not to proceed with dates as booked.

Guests may move confirmed visit dates twice to alternate dates within 2020.

Should the virus threat continue for an extensive period, Management may discretionally extend the period for revised dates beyond December 2020, for bookings made prior to 01 April 2020.

Unfortunately, outright cancellation of any booking will result in the Cancellation Terms as per our normal Booking & Cancellation Policy.

We look forward to continuing our journey with our guests and sharing the special Karoo tranquillity and spectacular clear skies so unique to Rogge Cloof. So, if you do decide to run away, why not head in this direction, rather than to the hills!