Rogge Cloof Bird Life 2

Posted on Fri January 5, 2018 in Rogge Cloof Bird Life.

Sexy Secretary Bird

Rogge Cloof is fortunate to have a nesting pair of Secretary Birds in the Pear trees close to the main Reception building.  One of our leggy Secretary Birds has been strutting its stuff just outside our reception area the last few days, sometimes moving quite far east into our Star Plains in search of small vertebrates such as snakes, lizards, small mammals, even birds, bird eggs and the occasional tortoise!  They (almost) always come back just before dark to entice us to enjoy our meals, or sundowners from the veranda, to watch their evening display.

These wonderful birds are listed as near threatened and it is in part due to reduction in suitable breeding grounds, with vast pieces of land being destroyed to make way for agriculture.  Although the agricultural lands are abundant with rodents and other small creatures they feed on, power lines and roads often lead to high mortality rates, especially among juveniles.

Secretary Birds are usually very nomadic, moving in response to food pressure, but we’re so lucky that our pair has been in the area for years. They often delight us with their often comical displays of excitement when prey is sighted, raising their wings and running across the veld, delivering a few swift, but powerful, kicks to immobilise prey before feeding.

Come visit us to get a chance to watch these amazing and majestic birds.