• Solar panels generate all the electricity used in the Eco-Village.
  • Old stone walls have been restored and new walls packed in the same Karoo style.
  • Veggies growing in our Hothouse.
  • Karoo Greenhouse; Eco-friendly accommodation; Karoo Eco-friendly accommodation


In order for Rogge Cloof to achieve self-sustainability and to leave the healthiest Eco-footprint possible, recycling, green energy, and respect for nature are simple actions that we take to preserve the uniqueness of the different ecosystems which exist here at Rogge Cloof Nature Reserve.

Eco-living is a big 'Yes' for us. The Reserve's location in an area of extreme conditions and limited resources have made Eco consciousness a natural and necessary habit which we implement on a daily basis, allowing us to make the most of what the Great Karoo and Rogge Cloof Nature Reserve has to offer.

From carefully selected manufacturers who provide products such as melted recycled plastic bottles used as insolation in our roofs, to solar panels powering our entire Eco-Village, borehole water, a thriving hothouse, re-using stone, metal, and other materials found on the farm to build new buildings and walls, or porcelain pieces and artifacts found around the Reserve used to create magical mosaics and décor for our units…we strive to preserve this special piece of the Great Karoo.