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The Termite and the Mushroom

Posted by Samantha on Thu June 18, 2020 in Rogge Cloof Plantlife.
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Much needed perspective....

Posted by Corlia on Sun December 29, 2019 in Guest Blogs.

A beautifully written letter which came at the perfect time…..exhausted after a year of hard work and even harder challenges….seeing herds of animals explode from the perimeter around the waterhole when packing lucern bales on the back of the vehicle…the wind being continuously nasty…howling and still very cold for this time of the year…we had not seen much of summer and spring has completely skipped us this year. The dust does not settle…only 128 mm of rain this year…never enough in one fall to create much of a puddle.

So….all in all, not much to feel very ‘festive’ about at this special time of the year….

And then this letter…..bringing tears of perspective….

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Through the eyes of another.....

Posted by Corlia on Sun February 24, 2019 in Wildlife: Game, Reptiles and other beauties.

Thoughts inspired by Jon & Bess Richfield's visit to & review of Rogge Cloof

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Cheetah Metapopulation (Photo of Cheetah by David Swanepoel, Samara Private Game Reserve)

Posted by Corlia on Thu October 18, 2018 in Rogge Cloof Cheetahs.

Between 1965 and 2009, 345 Cheetah were removed from farmland in Namibia and South Africa. They were used to establish the South African Cheetah Metapopulation, a network of fenced Cheetah reserves throughout the country.
In January 2009 a decision was made to stop the removal of Cheetah from farmland and make the Metapopulation self-sustaining.

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